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Fast-track your success with a 1 day intensive

A transformational day, completely personalised for you and your business

You have a new or seasoned business, and you know you are on the edge of greatness!

Get the support you need to get clear on your goals and create a rock-solid strategic plan and timeline, much faster than you could on your own.

Give yourself the gift of a day

completely dedicated to you

your growth and development.


Imagine feeling MORE CONFIDENT, being MORE VISIBLE, having MORE CLARITY in your life and business!

Imagine leaving your private VIP Intensive feeling even more motivated, inspired, and aligned to do what you HAVE to do!

We will map out your vision during VIP Day and create a step-by-step action plan to get you closer to your goals. You will have so much clarity and confidence moving forwards.

There’s something quite sexy and unstoppable about an inspired business owner with a clear vision.

It feels as though nothing can stand in your way, and that is my vision for you through this day.




This stylish & exclusive VIP Day is custom-designed for you and includes a whole day together in a beautiful setting with lunch and refreshments provided.



  • 7 hours of 1:1 time with me to dive in deep and cover your specific goals

  • The program begins with you completing an insightful questionnaire about yourself, your goals and current business challenges, so we can design exactly what you need before the day even begins.

  • A fancy lunch

  • An action plan to take home with you so you know exactly what to do for powerful results.

  • A Follow Up call after 30 days to check you are keeping on track and in alignment with your goals moving.

Throughout the day we will work on your mindset. We will create the mindset exercises you can do daily to ensure you create an unstoppable mindset. We will also overcome anything that could hold you back from reaching your goal including your fears, doubts, worries, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. We will also look at ways in which you can start creating new habits in your life that will set you up for success.


Anne C.S. Storli

I had a wonderful 2-day VIP session with Elin that was totally tailed to my needs. She looked at where I was and what was most important to do right now to get to my next business level. 


Elin has helped me with how to tailor an offer to my customers, with the structure, building of the offer, and content of the offer. Elin took me through the whole journey from what the offer should contain, the offer itself, improving my logo, giving my e-books a more professional look, taking pictures of me, and last but not least, how I should communicate to my ideal customer and who these are, based on Human Design! 


The way she implements Human Design in her coaching is so valuable. It gives me more confidence that what I feel is right. Elin is also there, cheering on me and guiding my way forward. 


She has also helped me structure my coaching packages more in line with what is suitable for my customers and me. As a result, it gives me much more confidence and motivation to plan these coaching packages independently. 


I have had several big moments with breakthroughs, like how I most ideally should communicate to my customers based on who they are. Knowing this made me feel so at ease and light, and it felt so right. I used to hold myself back, thinking my customers needed this and that, which restrained me from communicating most naturally. 


Her clear focus, exclusivity, knowledge, and eternal abundance of compassion and interest for my needs have made me come much longer in these few days than I ever could have dreamt about! And I have an enormous motivation to continue the work myself. 

I am so grateful for all the priceless help that I have gotten. I have saved months, if not years, with only two days with Elin. Thank you so much, Elin.


If you are not where you wish to be with your company and wish for a tailored program focusing on your optimal way of doing things, Elin is the right person to go to! You will save so much time and find the optimal way to work toward and with your dream customer. 


I recommend Elin from my whole heart!