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So Lovely To Meet You!

I live in beautiful Norway, a small country in northern Europe, with my husband, two adopted black panthers (cats), and our 14-year-old grandson. 

My purpose in life is to embrace mindfulness, be in a relational presence, and create transformation through silence. How is that even possible, you ask? Come, let me show it to you! If you're open for your magic to emerge, it's going to be amazing!

As a 3/5 Splenic Projector, I'm here to intuitively guide you toward your highest expression of who you truly are.

I've been a Serial Entrepreneur for 20 years and built several of my businesses from zero to selling them with profit.​ It was all about money, results, and achievement. I must be honest; not every trade was successful, but the learning experiences were pure gold!

For so long, I'd felt the urge to be and do something more, so I kept searching for fulfillment everywhere except inside myself. Then, while living and leading very masculinely for years, I couldn't hold it together one day. I hit the wall so hard and had a callous time finding who I wanted to be as a leader & business owner and finding the courage to start over.


That's when my journey into self-healing, feminine power, coaching, and human design started. Of course, we all get broken somehow, but what matters is how we get back up and put the pieces back together. And now I have the tools so you can thrive as well!

The day I was introduced to Human Design, I was hooked immediately. There was no going back! With all the aha's, epiphanies, and realizations, I couldn't believe how deeply I felt seen in this system and how every puzzle piece fell into place as I dived into my Human Design. I wanted to know more and couldn't get enough, and I had to tell everyone about what precious treasure I had found ;)

I found it much easier to live, accept and adjust, make better decisions, move forward, live true to myself, and follow and lead from my heart.


And now I'm here to show you the incredible well of abundance that's living inside you. So I am truly honored to share this love story of Human Design with you.​

I will hold space for your growth and evolution as a leader, and guide you toward your true prosperity.


Through my coaching, I help leaders shift from overwhelm & self-sabotage to freedom & true prosperity in their unique expression of who they truly are so that they can lead impactful from a place of alignment and fulfillment.

In fact, when I was struggling with this, the first big commitment I made to myself was to honor my true essence, even though I had no idea what that meant.


I knew I couldn’t be the leader I wanted to be with all the energetic garbage and mess I was carrying, with overthinking, overdoing, and overachieving to keep safety rather than acting and leading from a place of abundance and alignment.

Living in a state of frustration, anger, and bitterness only takes us in a downward spiral to misery. For me, countless Burnouts.

The moment I realized that I was driven by ego and fear-based thinking and acted out of survival mode, I saw how I had neglected my soul's beautiful truth, and everything shifted.

I could finally see the brilliant, authentic light of me underneath the dirt and mud I had buried myself in.

I discovered what true freedom actually meant, and I could finally lead from within with a profound impact and transformation that reached beyond my imagination.

And here's the shocking truth:

No one but YOU hold the Key to Your brilliant transformation.

Never has it been more important to look within and connect with your inner wisdom,  your true gifts, your unique way of expressing yourself, and to shine your light, than now.

Are You that ambitious leader doing your best and still struggling to create Impactful Results?

I see you, feel you & hear you, and I have exactly what will change the whole concept of your being & leadership!

It's time for a radical change!




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