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"When you have a sense of who you are and a vision of where you're going in life, you then have the basis of reaching out to the world, and going after your dreams for a better life."

Stedman Graham

Discovering the Essence of Human Design

Ever wondered what Human Design truly means?

Think of yourself as the most incredible blueprint of a spiritual being living a human story. Human Design is your map, your instruction manual if you like, of how to live your physical 3D life to its fullest. And this map is the beautiful art of how you once again will remember who you truly are.

A Fusion of Wisdom:​

Human Design seamlessly integrates principles from diverse realms, including:

  • Western Astrology

  • The Chakra System

  • The I-Ching

  • The Kabbalah Tree of Life

  • Quantum Physics


Your Personal Blueprint:

Crafted uniquely for you, this blueprint is meticulously based on your birth time, date, and place. It's akin to a personalized manual, deciphering how you exchange energy with the world.


Embracing Your Design:

There’s immense power in comprehending your natural flow within the world. Yet, remember, you are far more than just your Human Design Blueprint. It's essential to have someone who recognizes your depth.


Unravel Your Potential:

Your Human Design Blueprint isn’t just a document; it’s a gateway. It illuminates your strengths, potential areas of growth, conditioning, and your distinctive purpose. In a world urging uniformity, your uniqueness shines brightly.


Embrace Your Uniqueness:

Each of us serves a distinct purpose. Striving to conform to someone else's mold hinders our true selves. Human Design liberates you from these constraints, reshaping your life and business trajectory.


Permission to Be You:

Understanding your Human Design grants you the freedom to be authentic. It's your permission slip to embrace your essence, shedding any societal conditioning that hindered your evolution.


Remembering Your Essence:

Your Human Design isn’t just answers; it’s a journey. It reignites your awareness, guiding you to rediscover who you truly are and your purpose on Earth. You might already sense these truths within you; now, it's time to embrace them fully.


Embrace the Transformation:

Human Design holds the key to life’s profound questions:

  • “Who am I?”

  • “What am I about?”

  • “Where am I going?”

“As a logical, empirical and practical system, Human Design does not ask you to believe in anything. It merely offers you the opportunity to explore and experiment with the mechanics of your nature and your evolving consciousness in order to find out for yourself what exactly works for you.” 

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design

Guiding Your Journey-2.png


In a Human Design reading, you will learn how your personal energy works in the world.

You’ll discover your best way to make decisions, how you can tap into your right work, live your life purpose, create healthy relationships that honor who you are, how to activate greater vitality and well-being, and what you can do today to start living a life that is aligned with the truth of Who You Are.


Everything that is on your Human Design Chart represents an archetypal energy that you can express in an infinite number of ways.


The expression of each element in your chart is operating on a “spectrum” or a sliding scale. It has a high end, a low end, and the space between the high and low end.


Once you understand your Definition, you gain more control over where on the “spectrum” you want to choose to express yourself and how you can start living out the Highest expression of your potential and your Authentic Self.


When you understand your energy, it helps you break old patterns and truly live an authentic, fulfilling life as your Magnificent Self.

Here is what we will cover in this Deep Dive Reading: 

✓ Type (how you best use your energy and interact with others on an energetic level) 

✓ Strategy ( how you are designed to cultivate the most aligned and soulful opportunities) 

✓ Authority ( how you are designed to make the most authentic and aligned decisions) 

✓ Profile ( how you are designed to align with your purpose and how to get your conscious and unconscious needs met ) 

✓ Not-self theme ( your sign that tells you when you are off track) 

✓ Signature theme ( your sign that tells you are in alignment) 

✓ The 9 energy centers ( your defined centers tell you where you have consistent and reliable energy. Your undefined centers tell you about the areas in your life where you can get stuck and pulled off track, which also holds massive potential for wisdom and growth) 

✓ Incarnation Cross (the form that your unique expression of life takes) 

✓ Channels (consistent and reliable access to your unique gifts) 


After the reading, I will provide you with the following:

• The video and audio recording of your reading so that you can review it over and over again.

• All of the notes I prepared and we discussed in your reading, including intake form questions with your answers

​• A follow-up integration-coaching session within three months

The cost of a reading includes all of the pre-reading prep time and post-reading processing. 

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