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Your Values Create Your World

What values you hold is a reflection of your life.

They define what you allow into your life.

They define what boundaries you put out, determine your behaviors, how people treat you, and how you treat them.

They define how you lead, where you’re taking your business, and how easily you make the right decisions, and they guide you toward your purpose in life.

They help shape how you think, act, and feel.

Every day, you make decisions and judgments based on your values.

Your values are your choice. But it’s essential that they truly speak to what you hold close to your heart. What’s important is that you’re conscious of them and let them be a big part of how you do everything. The more conscious you are about your core values, the more effective you become in reaching your goals and making powerful decisions.

Growing up, you get instilled with the values of your environment. You might have adopted them because you truly believe in them or because you were expected to hold such values.

Pursuing your life’s work with others’ values will always create some resistance in you. You unconsciously sabotage yourself, your impact, and your results and become frustrated, angry, bitter, or disappointed because you’re not living true to yourself and your core values.

And it won’t make it better when we feel pushed to complete things that conflict with our values.

I’ve worked with leaders who have set up beautiful boundaries based on their values, only to discover later that they actually are in deep conflict with their True Values, values they, at a core level, weren’t in touch with.

How did they not know in the first place?

Good question! Let me turn that around. Do you know your core values for yourself? And how do you know they are the ones who actually are the right ones for you?

When you have contemplated that for yourself and given it your whole heart, you already have a huge advantage. And from this place, I’d like to take you on your Human Design Journey to see where you’re aligned with your true self, and where you can move into deeper discoveries to create a life that supports you even more.

“There’s no magic formula to becoming an inspirational leader. All you have to do is get in touch with your leadership core values.” Tony Robbins

Are your values align with the work you’re doing?

I invite you to book a Human Design Consultation with me to explore the map of your core needs together. The map will give you a deeper understanding of how you work energetically and how you can raise your frequency to make a bigger impact on your life and your tribe, fully aligned with the truth of who you are.


In Human Design, gate 50 is the gate of values, and right now, gate 50 is the energy that has grounded the Sun energy of gate 3 Playfulness during the past 6 days or so (late April 2023).

Have your values become clearer as you’ve gone through this week? And in what way can your values ground your playfulness as a leader?

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