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Everything starts with a decision

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

There are some key elements that are important to improve in order to achieve the success you want as a female entrepreneur and leader.

Your self-image, your beliefs and your fears.

These three subconscious activities can ruin too much for you if you are not willing to work on yourself. If you get to the point where you are working against yourself, chances are that you will not take the necessary steps consistently enough to guarantee the price of your dreams either.

If you are serious about what you want to achieve, you will find solutions and the strength in yourself to achieve any goal. You need to keep the energy level high to achieve exactly the results you dream of, and the first part in that process is to make a clear decision.

My awakening journey started that day on the cold floor. I felt like a fallen angel, my self-image and self-belief was crushed. I couldn’t believe how badly things had gone.

My decision came when I lay there. I needed to change. Change myself, change my attitude and change my life. I couldn’t live like this anymore. I had created too much pain already in both mine and other's lives.

When you put a decision out there, know that it’s already done for you. I know it can be hard to understand and accept, so for now, just bear with me.

With each decision we make, there will always be increased confidence, and that confidence is going to take you to your next level. You will be filled with an urge to do something, to do more and to be more of your true essence. And only by doing will your confidence grow even more. All you have to do is to have faith and take inspired action toward your prefered outcome, one step at a time, even if you have no idea where it’s going to take you.

At the moment it didn’t feel like a huge decision, it was simply a need from within.

A non-negotiable need. It went out to be one of the most important decisions of my life.

I knew I was going to create another dream business again, and I knew that this time it would be completely based on my values and about helping others pursue theirs.

My journey at becoming a better version of myself was already in creation that day. All that happened, everything I had gone through, happened to prepare me for my bigger mission. I had ignored the feeling of something’s missing for so long. I had ignored the feeling of not living a fulfilled life.

My time had come, and in my ignorance it came completely out of the blue.

Accepting the situation and changing the things we can change, is a really good start. At that moment, I was determined that nothing would ever be more important than my own well-being. This time I was going to build my business around my life, not the other way around as it used to be. And the beauty is that decisions give you the information necessary to set your inner guidance, your internal GPS device on where you want to go.

We have to “cut ourselves off” from our previous path or directions to make room for the modifications and improvements necessary to attract what we really want to accomplish in life.

If you can see that every person who has come into your life, that every situation that has arisen, by any matter or means, was placed there as a gift for you, allowing you to experience who you truly are, allowing you to fulfill your grandest notion of who you really are, you will experience life at a completely different level.

I couldn’t see that back then. But I knew I needed a change. So I started a complete reversal. I started to crush all the false beliefs that had taken place in me, and cleaned away everything that unconsciously had grown in the wrong direction. That was far from an easy process, it’s like you take everything you’ve ever known into consideration and simply push the delete button.

There was no going back. I had made the decision. Period.

The power of decision is amazing—it puts you into motion! More importantly, it puts your higher source in motion.

So when you know what you’re trying to do, your next action arises spontaneously inside you. When you are clear on what you want, what you are trying to do and most importantly; why you’re doing it, magic starts happening.

I wanted to build a new and strong foundation. This was obviously not done overnight and I am still in a constant learning process. But everything started to work out so beautifully.

When life is put into perspective and we become aware of our values ​​and our needs, everything seems to find its place. Over the years I have collected many experiences, I have failed, and therefore also learned even more! I feel incredibly privileged having a whole treasure chest of mental tools with me on the journey. They have been an invaluable help to me, and now I want the same for you!

My competence when I started my first business was like zero. But I was willing to learn, to take a bet and go all in! I made a decision. I was determined. Passion for what you do means everything if you want to succeed.

What is important to know is that there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision, so don’t be afraid to put out your decision. Use every moment you have to make extraordinary decisions, to express more, be more, do more and experience more of who you truly are.

But if you lack commitment, enthusiasm and willpower, all adversity becomes incredibly heavy, you struggle, do firefighting and never get where you truly want.

That is not how building a business should be. It should be fun and rewarding! When that is in place, you will have a driving force in you to surpass everything, and your magnetic personality will spread to your entire business!

If you truly want to be successful in your business, kill passivity, uncertainty and inability at making decisions and taking action. You must know what you want and you must work purposefully towards it.

The more experience we gain, the more our beliefs are confirmed, which we often base our decisions on. That goes both ways. Many people find it difficult to set big goals in life, because their beliefs indicate that it is not realistic, so they avoid taking any clear decision. If your decision isn’t clear, there is really no decision. That’s also why you’re not able to take inspired actions. Failure to follow-through on a decision lowers credibility and motivation.

You may have set yourself a goal several times that you failed to achieve? I sure did!

And it was just as frustrating every time, right?

But it's actually not that hard! Although these responses in the brain are well-rehearsed information channels, they can break out and create new paths.

The exciting part is that by taking this first action—making a decision—you put a higher source into motion towards accomplishing your goals. One thing is abundantly clear, without first making the first decision, nothing happens.

It will take a significant change, a commitment, a good dose of self-discipline and a lot of healthy and inspirational action steps, so for those of you who really want to, the road is open.

Remember that nothing is cast in stone. New information and changing conditions require changes in positions all the time, and being flexible in decision making is critical to long term success. Start small and follow-through with whatever is decided.

This will build confidence and integrity.

Take the decision - GO for it!

Then decide to keep your word. Make it non-negotiable.

That’s the way you attract the very best life for you!

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