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Quit leading if you don't do this first!

As a leader, we have a special role. We are here to serve, guide and empower the world. We are here to see, hear and understand the world. We are here for the world. It’s not the other way around.

We are here to hold others in their evolution and raise the frequency of what's possible.

The world with the old way of doing things is collapsing, and we must do things differently.

We need to start over. We need to stop following the screaming voices who never have enough.

Be different, show up and lead differently, and lead your business in a different way. -From within, from a place of authentic servitude to the world.

And all of that begins with inner work.

The energy impacting us now is the energy to care for others from abundant generosity and serve from our highest purpose.

The role of this energy is to nourish and nurture through the power of compassion and care.

The polarity is that we must also be nourished and nurtured ourselves!

We must care for ourselves first to have the energy and resources to care for others, and then let our Authority guide us to where and when we commit our energy.

“Nourishment or nurturing given without awareness is a waste of precious resources.” And as Leaders, we cannot afford it. Being a Conscious Leader, leading from awakened awareness, means understanding how to lead and nurture yourself first. You know that your own cup must be filled before you can give, serve and lead generously; otherwise, it's coming from a lack mentality, which is not sustainable.

When we give our care for others from our highest purpose, it comes from love knowing they are capable, powerful, and abundant in themselves and that it’s not my call to judge others' values.

I’ve spoken before of your beautiful inner power, and generosity is truly such power; that’s what moves mountains, and that is the energy that will transform the world.

Right now, there is a big calling for more authentic, conscious, and embodied leadership. A calling for a new kind of power to create more balance and sustainability.

We need more of the power that comes from being of service, connectedness, being inclusive, present, and authentically signed in our hearts and bodies.

If you are called to be a leader, if you have accepted the responsibility to be of service to your people and bring out the best in them, the future is yours, whether that's the role of CEO, owner, manager, parent, co-worker, spouse, friend or neighbor.

Being a leader is not about knowing the latest form of leadership style.

It’s not about knowing the most about leadership at all or having a proper degree.

It’s not about your position or the amount of power you possess.

It is about your capacity to serve and guide another human being with your heart from your body and create soul-to-soul connections.

The more you can step into your conscious and embodied presence, the more you see the importance of knowing yourself deeply and owning all parts of yourself.

And you understand why healing your past is crucial and necessary to lead and serve others.

And all of that begins with inner work. Inner work is the start of everything. It’s our relationship to Self. When you better your relationship to Self, you also better your Leadership, you become a better business owner, and you become better in your servitude. And most beautifully, when you become a better leader, you simultaneously give everyone else permission to be better leaders.

There are enough people out there fighting for their existence. Be the Leader who sees them, who knows them, and uplifts them. Guide them home to their true self, so they can heal their wounds and be nurtured in their own light rather than used for the world's greediness.

Your Generosity means the World to the whole world.

And that begins with inner work.

Love & Blessings on your Journey!

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