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I’m Elin Skjelbred (A Splenic Projector 3/5 for you advanced followers)

I love animals, interior, baking & cooking, hiking in mountains, deep conversations and experiencing new places.

I'm also deeply passionate about growth & high performance, mindset, spirituality, feminine entrepreneurship, Human Design, structure & productivity.

Very short, but that's me! The versatile lady ;)

So in the past 20 years I’ve now built 6 companies, and grown several of them from zero to selling them with profit.

No, not every business was a success, however, I was growing and evolving, and I was failing forward, never afraid of trying or seeking solutions.

And I've been so proud of every single one of my businesses.

When I met my husband I was just certified as a laboratory technician at microbiology department at the Regional Hospital in Tromsø, and went on to working at labs in food industry with diary products for years when I built my first company.

My first company was a professional tanning salon. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing, and still this was a huge success. I loved every step of this journey, and all my wins still makes me very proud.

My second company was within Interior, as an Interior Designer & consultant, where I also held a lot of courses for women to create their own unique style.

Then I went into Franchise and opened up 3 kitchen interior stores for my self and a whole bunch of other stores as well for the Big Company. I trained my teams in service & sales, and other leaders in structure, team building and leadership.

In the same time I also built & manage my team in a Network Marketing Company, and mentally crushed the ceiling for what I thought was possible.

It was a wonderful time. And I got really hungry for more.

However, living and leading in a very masculine way for years, I eventually got burned out and had a really hard time finding back to who I wanted to be as a leader, entrepreneur and business owner .


Becoming a person struggling with lack of time, never feeling good enough, never being satisfied, defiance, codependency and all kind of limiting beliefs, I didn't like myself anymore.

I knew something had to change. I had to Change.

(I still talk about this with a sense of shame, but I know I went through that for a reason).

To get all the juicy stuff, Read more here.

What's really excited though, in my search and through my journey I found the beautiful feminine power in embracing the Queen archetype by becoming my Best Self as a female entrepreneur. (I use this a lot in my coaching because it's so relevant, but listen up; I have a really exciting project on this coming up in 2021, so stay tuned!)

My mission as a Coach


Now I'm a Business & Success Coach who helps female entrepreneurs and business owners see their true potential, awaken their greatness and let them see how powerful they really are.


I've seen so many wonderful women out there neglect, abandon and limit themselves for no reason, because of low self-worth, low self-esteem and all kinds of limiting beliefs. It makes me really sad.

This Coaching journey is my contribution to the worlds wonderful women, helping them believe in their dreams and abilities again, so they can create a meaningful lifestyle and a great business by their own design.

I have invested in my own growth and fine tuning my coaching skills, learning from several well-known 7-figure Business Owners within the industry, not just for my own growth but so that I am able to pass that knowledge on to you too.

Today I’m so grateful for all experiences, and know all this happened for me not to me, so that what I’ve gone through and learned will benefit you big time while working with me.

It's my mission and my biggest pleasure to work with women who are as ambitious as I am, who do not want to settle, but desire to build their empires, and live a passionate and meaningful life beyond their wildest dreams.


I desire to see you rise up and claim your worth and what you deserve!

So, there's lots of ways you can connect with me:

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I really hope to connect with you, and to get to know you and your story!

Much Love