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"If I could give you one gift today,

I'd give you the ability to see beyond your fears, worries, and doubt.

Then you could embrace the extraordinary person that you truly are."

Katrina Mayer

I've been a Serial Entrepreneur for 20 years,

 and grown several of my businesses from zero to selling them with profit.

No, not every business was a success. However, I was growing and evolving, and I was failing forward, improving, and never afraid of trying or seeking new solutions.

My way of experiencing life is by trial and error, which has led me to so much fun! 

I'm a proud 3/5 Splenic Projector ;)


I love nature, animals, baking & healthy cooking, hiking in mountains, deep conversations, reading, and exploring new places.

I'm an introvert which means I require more alone time than most people, to reflect and charge and go within.

I'm also deeply passionate about growth & high performance, mindset, spirituality, feminine power and feminine entrepreneurship, Human Design, structure & productivity.