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I’m a Business & Success Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs and business owners

  • who are fed up playing small and being a victim of life’s circumstances,

  • who are fed up living up to others expectations and putting oneself last,

  • who are fed up living in a society where we're valued based on money and success,

  • who are fed up being told what to do or what to be.


If that's you, we should talk!

The Journey of Trial and Errors into Self-Love

I've been a Serial Entrepreneur for 20 years and built several of my businesses from zero to selling them with profit.​ It was all about money, results, and achievement. I have to be honest; not every business was a success, but the learning experiences were pure gold!

For so long I'd felt the urge to be and do something more, so I kept searching for fulfillment everywhere.

While living and leading in a very masculine way for years, one day I couldn't hold it together anymore. I hit the wall so hard and had a really tough time finding back to who I wanted to be as a leader & business owner, and finding the courage to start over.

That's when my journey into self-healing, feminine power, coaching and human design started. All of us get broken in some way, but what really matters is how we get back up and put the pieces back together. And now I have the tools so you can thrive as well!

I am deeply honored to share this love story with you.​

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